Burra Uniting Church 

History Of The Burra Uniting Church Parish

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2 Hours drive North of the city of Adelaide, on the Barrier Highway heading towards Broken Hill, nestled in a quaint valley is the historical township of Burra. The town had it beginnings in the 1840's as a mining town and was, for many years the biggest copper producing mine in the southern hemisphere. It's no wonder that with such a rich heritage the Uniting Church in Burra has some stories of its own to add to the history books. But why read about it when, if you are in the area, you could come along and see for yourself first hand this fascinating town and the church which has helped to shape the Christian life within it.The Wesleyan Methodist Church was the first church built in the Burra Township and at the time it was quoted, "That there is no place of worship within seventy miles of this which has now been opened: indeed, there has been no population near the spot until within two years." This was a statement in a letter written to the Missionary Committee from the Rev. D. J. Draper on December 23rd, 1847, two weeks after the opening of the church to the public on December 5th, 1847.The current church stands on the original site of the Wesleyan Chapel but in a vastly different form. Alterations, fire, rebuilding and more additions has brought the church to the building we have today. The chapel is still very much a building of history following the 1914 designs with recent alterations adding to the effects of this historical structure, not detracting from it.

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